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Our Services

Resume and Interview Coaching

We review and revise your resume to ensure that it tells your individual story to your future employer. We also work with you to develop your interview skills including preparing responses to standard interview questions.

Employee Benefit Solutions

We assist with structuring an employee benefits package that is affordable for you as the employer while helping attract and retain the highest caliber employees for your business. 

Job Analysis and Descriptions

Job analysis is conducted through questionnaires, observation, and interviews with employees and managers. Once the analysis is complete, we construct job descriptions that contain the competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities required for employees to be successful.

Market and Salary Studies

Employee retention is a crucial aspect of reducing human resource costs in today's job market. Having a competitive compensation plan is an integral part of employee retention. We survey local, regional, and industrial markets to ensure that you are paying competitively.

Performance Management System Design

Employee growth and success benefit greatly from continuous feedback that clearly and timely communicates expectations. We create a performance management, feedback, and recognition system that fits your business, including management and employee training. 

Recruitment Support

Recruiting is a challenge, especially in a job market with the lowest unemployment rate in the United States since 1969. We support your recruitment process from start to finish by creating a strong job posting, identifying key advertising opportunities, reviewing applicant qualifications, and creating interview guides. In addition, we train employees involved in the recruitment process on best practices and how to avoid common mistakes.

Employee Handbooks

We review your current employee handbook to ensure you have a consistent document that is compliant with current legislation and clearly communicates your values and expectations to your employees. This service also includes developing a communication program that delivers updated information to all levels.

Employee Complaint Investigation

As an impartial investigator, we gather and review evidence in any complaint of misconduct, harassment, or discrimination. We provide recommendations to remediate the issue and help prevent a recurrence.

Human Resources Compliance Audits

Fines imposed for recordkeeping that is out of compliance with legal requirements are costly. We review your employee files, I-9 forms, and employee classifications to ensure their compliance. The audit concludes with a report of findings and recommendations for corrections and training.

Employee Surveys

Employee surveys measure engagement and satisfaction which ultimately leads to increased retention and reduced cost. We develop, deliver, and analyze employee surveys, exit interviews, and stay interviews to provide crucial feedback from your employees.

Training Development and Delivery

We offer tailored training on a variety of topics such as sexual harassment prevention, customer service, Microsoft Office, and other software to ensure that you have a productive and safe workforce.

Employee Orientation and Onboarding

Orientation and onboarding are key for employee productivity and retention. We develop an employee orientation that provides critical information for immediate success and an onboarding program that supports the new employee's adaptation into your business culture during their first few months of employment.

Human Resources Guidance

We are available to guide you through any personnel issues, streamline business processes, create procedure manuals, and answer any questions that you have regarding human resources and your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a cost-effective and wide-reaching platform for advertising your business. We create and manage social media profiles to increase visibility and engagement to attract and retain customers.

Form and Document Creation

Do you need forms or documents created for personnel management or any other business function? We offer customized forms and documents that meet your needs.

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